Keyboard Shortcuts

H - Show / hide this help window
Ctrl+F - Format SQL and display result
O - Show / hide options
T - Set focus on SQL input

Why not try Same app, refurbished interface, improved formatting (and a different domain).

Source Code

Python Module

The sources for the SQL parser and formatter module are hosted on Google Code. To clone the repository run:

hg clone python-sqlparse

Visit the project page | Browse the sources online | API Documentation

Some relevant parts of the Python module contain code from the pygments syntax highlighter. The underlying Python module uses a non-validating SQL parser. This approach makes it possible to parse even syntactically incorrect SQL statements.

Currently the parser module is used by CrunchyFrog - a database front-end for Gnome.

The sqlparse module is released under the terms of the New BSD License.

App Engine Application

The source code for this App Engine application is available in the examples directory of the Python module (but it's really nothing special ;-).


Please file bug reports and feature requests on the project site at or if you have code to contribute upload it to and add as reviewer.